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Looking for the most affordable Connecticut auto insurance policy? makes finding the right policy easy and convenient for you by allowing you to compare policies from top providers using our free online CT car insurance quote comparisons. Get started finding the absolute best Connecticut auto insurance coverage available right now!

Not only is shopping around before you buy important, but being an informed shopper should also be a priority when searching for CT auto insurance. Here is some information that will help you make a wise car insurance choice.

Connecticut Auto Insurance Rates

One thing you need to know about your CT auto insurance rates is that each car insurance company in CT has different ways of determining rates. Your car insurance rates are not set by the state or any other regulatory agency. They are determined solely by the insurer. While many of the same factors are used from company to company when determining rates, the only way to know which insurer has the lowest rates for you is by shopping around.

This also means that no single CT car insurance provider is the best choice for everyone. While one company may be able to offer a family member the lowest rates, this does not mean that the same company will have the lowest rates for you. Shopping around is crucial to finding the most affordable CT car insurance coverage!

The main factors that are used by many auto insurance companies in CT to determine rates include the following:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Marital Status
  • Location
  • Vehicle
  • Driving Record
  • Claims History
  • Credit Score

Take advantage of our free CT car insurance online comparisons now to see where you can find the lowest rates on your CT auto insurance policy!

Connecticut Auto Insurance Companies

Connecticut has a lot to offer in terms of car insurance providers. But how do you know which Connecticut car insurance company is the best choice for you?

Here are some tips to make sure you make the best choice possible when it comes to a CT auto insurance company.

  • Choose a well known, experienced company. While it may be tempting to go with a small company you have never heard of before because they have slightly lower rates, this may not be the best choice. You will want to be able to know that your insurance policy will be honored when you need it.
  • Choose a financially stable company. You can check the financial stability of a company you are considering through an independent financial rating company such A.M. Best or Moody’s.
  • Check customer service ratings. You will want to work with a company that has excellent customer service and that will treat you with the respect you deserve.
  • Compare the claims’ service of different companies. Many companies now offer an online claims service or 24 hour phone claims service. This will make making a claim easier and more convenient for you.
  • See what discounts each company can offer you. Most CT auto insurance companies offer many discounts to their customers which can help you save money. Compare the available discounts from one company to the next to see where the savings could really add up for you.
  • Compare rates. It almost goes without saying that comparing rates should be high up on your priority list when choosing a car insurance company. You can compare rates easily with our free CT car insurance quote finder to see which company can offer you the most affordable coverage.

CT Car Insurance Coverage and Policies

If you are a CT driver or the owner of a vehicle registered in CT then you are required to have a certain amount of CT auto insurance coverage. The required minimum amount of coverage for a Connecticut auto insurance policy is as follows:

  • Bodily injury liability per person of $20,000
  • Bodily injury liability per accident of $40,000
  • Property damage liability of $10,000

Not having the proper amount of insurance in CT can result in a fine or license suspension or both. Make sure you have the coverage you need now by using our free Connecticut car insurance quote finder!

It is important to remember that the minimum requirements may not be sufficient coverage for you. In fact, most insurance agents and professionals will recommend adding additional coverage to your policy above the minimum requirements to make sure that you are fully protected.

Some additional coverage that you may want to consider adding to your policy includes:

  • Comprehensive: This will cover non accident relates damages to your car (fire, theft, etc.)
  • Collision: This will cover damages to your vehicle resulting from an accident.
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists: This will cover you if you are in an accident where the other driver is at fault and he or she does not have sufficient auto insurance coverage.
  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP): This will cover the medical expenses of you and your passengers resulting from an accident.

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Don’t waste a lot of time shopping for auto insurance. Compare quotes Connecticut car insurance quotes quickly and easily right now!

Free Auto Insurance Comparison

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