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7 Road Trip Ideas for Connecticut

Here's what you need to know...
  • Connecticut is one of the few places in the country that is both historic and truly beautiful to visit.
  • Connecticut was the fifth state admitted to the Union in 1788.
  • A road trip is a perfect way to enjoy the history and beauty of Connecticut regardless of how much time you have available for your trip.

Connecticut is one of the most scenic states in New England, and it often does not receive the recognition for its natural beauty that it deserves.

From its incredible lighthouses on the coast to its trickling brooks and snow-capped trees in the winter months, the beauty of the state abounds throughout all seasons and has been delighting locals and visitors throughout its lengthy history with its incredible landscapes.

This is a gorgeous state that has a diverse cultural background. Its many ethnic restaurants, as well as historical attractions, reflect its incredible history. Because of how prevalent the history is throughout the nooks and crannies of the state, one of the best ways to experience all that Connecticut has to offer is by taking a road trip.

If you are planning to take an exciting road trip through Connecticut soon, it is important to learn more about the state’s laws and insurance requirements before you hit the road.

First, understand that there is a slow poke law that can affect drivers who like to take it slow on the road. Slow drivers must stay to the right rather than drive in the fast lane, or they may face legal consequences. Second, you should be aware of the auto insurance requirements that Connecticut drivers must comply with.

In Connecticut, all drivers must obtain a minimum amount of liability car insurance. This coverage is designed to help you comply with the financial responsibility law in the state. All drivers are financially responsible for any damages they cause to others while driving a vehicle, and this state required coverage helps you to pay for the damages you cause.

You can comparison shop for this and other types of auto insurance before you begin your road trip to find the best deal on your auto insurance.

Shopping online for new car insurance rates is one of the fastest and easiest ways to identify the lowest rates on coverage available from reputable and trusted car insurance providers in Connecticut. Use our free insurance comparison tool above to get a free quote today!

7 Road Trip Ideas in Connecticut

There are many fabulous road trip ideas that you can consider if you want to learn more about the state and see its incredible sights up close and personal.

#1 – Essex Steam Train & Riverboat

You and your loved ones can tour the beautiful Connecticut River Valley in historic fashion with the Essex Steam Train and Riverboat tour. You can choose to take a riverboat cruise, a steam engine ride or both, depending on your interest and time availability.

Advance tickets are highly suggested. Special theme experiences are available during specific times of the year. This is a wonderful way to see the natural areas and to enjoy a unique experience with your family.

#2 – Litchfield Hills

If you plan to be in northwestern Connecticut and want to spend some time exploring the great outdoors, touring Litchfield Hills is a wonderful idea.

Litchfield Hills is well-known for its incredible hiking trails and natural beauty, and there are also wonderful opportunities for bicycling, canoeing, touring historic gardens, traveling through covered bridges and more.

If you are in the mood for something more culturally refined, Litchfield Hills is home to several lovely antique shops, performing arts venues, restaurants, artisan studios and more.

This is a wonderful destination where you can easily spend several days or more enjoying yourself or relaxing with family and friends.

#3 – Gillette Castle Park

Gillette Castle Park in East Haddam is one of the most recognizable and iconic landmarks on the Connecticut skyline, and you will not want to pass through the state without spending ample time exploring all that it offers.

This castle is a true architectural masterpiece, and inside its halls, you will find touches of creative genius.

You and your family can easily spend hours walking through the halls and touring the grounds. Keep in mind that there are other notable attractions located nearby as well, such as Hurd State Park and Haddam Meadows State Park.

#4 – Yale University Art Gallery and Natural History Museum

The Yale University Art Gallery and Natural History Museum has free admission and is open to the general public during normal business hours.

It boasts a full range of permanent exhibits that will delight and educate you, and there are also rotating exhibits that make this a fun and educational venue to visit periodically on a regular basis.

Contemporary work on war, American sculpture, European art, and many other types of art are featured in this incredible art gallery and museum.

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#5 – Goodspeed Opera House

Situated in East Haddam right on the banks of the beautiful Connecticut River, the Goodspeed Opera House has been a location of live entertainment in Connecticut for decades.

This historic venue continues to be a hot spot of theatrical activity for local residents, and you can check out the current season’s calendar to learn more about the shows that you may be interested in seeing live.

These are high-caliber shows that will delight you and your family with incredible acting, musical scores, set design, and more.

#6 – Mark Twain House and Museum


Samuel and Oliva Clemens lived in Hartford for many years, and you can tour their restored home as well as a museum filled with their artifacts. The Mark Twain House and Museum in Hartford has more than 45,000 square feet of exhibition space dedicated to the famous author and his wife.

Numerous artifacts from his life, such as his bed, books, and other personal items are on display. There is also a gift shop that sells related souvenirs and special items.

#7 – Mystic Seaport

If you have plans to spend time in Mystic in the near future, you will want to purchase tickets for the Mystic Seaport. The Seaport gives you an incredible glimpse into the maritime history of Connecticut as well as of the entire country.

For example, the USS Indianapolis, which played a pivotal role in World War II is featured prominently at the Mystic Seaport.

You can easily spend many long hours enjoying all that the seaport has to offer, so be sure to wear sunscreen and a hat for protection against the elements.

Safe Driving in Connecticut

One of the best ways to see the sights in Connecticut is to drive your own vehicle across the state, but you can also rent a car.

Remember that the state’s legal requirements for car insurance are the same regardless of whether you rent a car or drive your own car.

Therefore, before you begin your road trip across the state, make plans to learn more about the legal requirements for coverage and shop around for the best rates for the insurance that you need to comply with the law.

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